Meet the Team

The inventors of Doddle are an interesting bunch, coming from different walks of life we all continue to work as freelancers. We know the struggles you face on a daily basis and will always aim to find a solution to them. Here's our history and how we came to working on Doddle.

Chris Williams

Chris, an ex Police Officer, is now a very successful Digital Strategist and heads up the commercial side of Doddle. He is extremely active on LinkedIn and is a prolific content creator. His monthly viewing figures on LinkedIn alone push way past the Million mark. Chris is also very active in the freelance community, sitting on the IPSE Consultative Council. Chris has a passion for building solid relationships that last a lifetime.

Paul Allington

Paul is an award winning Freelancer that specialises in problem solving through technology. Paul is a fast, accurate and agile developer. His commitment to freelancing saw him being elected as a Consultative member of IPSE and his mantra is ‘Tea will save the world’.

Emilia Burke

A marketing & advertising professional and former Marketing Executive at JPMH & iris Worldwide, working with clients such as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle Purina. With her in-depth knowledge and understanding of project management software, Millie brings an objective and practical marketing head to the team.

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