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5 Steps To Becoming A Digital Nomad

It’s possible for contractors and freelancers to make a living without ever sharing physical space with their clients.

5 Signs You’ve Bagged A Top Freelancer

How to know when you've managed to find areally good freelancer. What makes them so great?

The Importance Of Trust For Effective Collaboration

Trust is vital in collaboration; working with others can mean your reputation can rise or fall in the hands of others.

How to survive being the new freelancer in town

2 million people now work as freelancers, and amazingly 21% of these live in Greater London.

Should You Charge Per Hour Or Per Project?

Billing and quoting can be tough as a freelancer, but should you quote by hour or by project?

What Freelance & Remote Collaboration Has Done For Us

Jack of all trades, master of none... the true sign of a good freelancer is to know their weaknesses and to collaborate where needed.

How to take time off as a freelancer

Should I take a holiday as a freelancer? Of cause; its how you prepare that counts.

5 Steps To Becoming A Digital Nomad

Thinking of becoming a digital nomad? Here's 5 steps to get you stated

Why Remote Work Is A Blessing All Round

Want to work from home, Travel the world and still earn money? How remote working and freelancing can change your life.

Is Your Schedule Spiralling Out Of Control

Scheduling is a phrase every freelancer hates. Skwish makes scheduling simple and keeps your workload under control.

5 Resolutions Every Freelancer Should Make

Resolutions or changes every freelancer should make.

What you can get for £1

Skwish has been featured in the latest Network Freelance Blog!

Organising Your Work This Christmas

How should a freelancer manage their business around christmas?

How to use the Skwish Chrome widget

Skwish the ultimate freelance feedback tool get started by downloading our Google Chrome App

4 Signs your client is a keeper

Freelancing is a tough business, not least because you want to rely on those who claim to value your expertise.

Another Happy Skwisher

Everything you need in one place…awesome!

New Partnership With The Office Group

Skwish recently linked up with The Office Group; one of the most creative and forward thinking co-working spaces in the UK.

Pest Control: How Bugs Can Affect Your Website

Bugs in your website do occasionally happen; its how you deal with them that matters.

Why Skwish has made me more profitable

Since the Freelance event my business totally changed; when Paul spoke about Skwish I realised it solved so many of my problems.

Collaborative Working: The Future Of Freelancing

Great minds think alike, and great freelance tools make that thinking all the easier.

Why Group Chats Are Bad For Business

Work culture is dragging us down, some argue, because it expects so much under the veneer of seeming flexible and understanding.

Skwish Vs Asana

Project management over the years has become much simpler thanks to the software available online.

The Worst Timewasters We All Encounter

As the minutes drip by from our workday, there’s usually cause to take stock of how well they’ve been used.

Ways To Strengthen Your Remote Team

Working with a remote freelance team and how to strengthen them.

Money Management Tips For Freelancers And Contractors

Tracking your finances can be the difference between being a successful freelancer and struggling.

4 Unexpected Things That'll Wow Clients

How to impress your clients in 4 steps, freelancing with the corporate attitude.

3 Ingredients Of Successful Project Management

A dash of great ideas; some organisational seasoning; stir liberally with online collaboration…

How to manage freelancers

Managing freelancers is easy if you know how and you have the right tools.

The Importance Of Client Management For Agencies

Clients and the relationships you have with them can be the difference between one bit of work or ongoing

Why Emails Are The Worst Form Of Communication

How emails are consuming your time and preventing freelance business growing.

How To Work Smarter With Project Management Software

Project management software can be the difference between working harder and working smarter...

Skwish In Action: Making You Content

Making You Content to share their experiences with our project management tool...

Making A Splash For Project Management

Skwish, the new freelance, project management, collaboration and quoting tool on the block...

What is Skwish?

Skwish is the ultimate project management tool, designed and built by The Code Guy to simplify online project management...