Become a Key Person of Influence and create opportunities on LinkedIn

There is no secret to achieving opportunities on LinkedIn, despite what some 'Gurus and Ninjas' might claim. LinkedIn actually gives you some pretty neat guidance with their Social Selling Index scoring (SSI).


However, having a high-scoring SSI is only part of the picture.

There is a common theme amongst all high-profile accounts on LinkedIn, something that every one of the account owners holds:


They are seen as Key People of Influence. They are trusted, liked and listened to. 


What is SSI and why is it important?

Your SSI is a score that LinkedIn gives your profile based on four simple criteria.

Establish Professional Brand

Find the Right People

Engage with Insights

Build Relationships

(You can check out your score at the bottom of this page).


If I'm totally honest, it isn't really important, not in real life. However, it is a clear indication of how LinkedIn believes you're utilising LinkedIn. There is also evidence that those with a higher SSI score receive higher reach, are featured more often on 'Insights' and achieve better results on LinkedIn.


To become a Key Person of Influence, you need a strategy!

It takes time to build trust with people. It takes longer if you haven't a plan. The problem is, people just won't commit. People are lazy, or too busy. It isn't a quick win.

There wasn't a guide... until now.


I've been delivering personal training, mentoring and support to businesses and individuals for 2 years. The #LISuccess program is the most sought-after program and sees individuals undergo an intensive 15-day training and support process.



is that same intense program, spread out and delivered in manageable daily tasks. 


This is not a course that overwhelms you with strategy and then sends you off without a way to implement it!

This is not a quick win!


The LISUCCESS:daily  (delivered by doddle) is a combination of daily tasks sent to you every morning for you to take action.

20 minutes sprints on LinkedIn with specific action points designed to increase all four pillars of your SSI score AND start you on a journey towards being a Key Person of Influence.

Through a series of short training videos, you will receive thorough and succinct training on LinkedIn, from Profile Optimisation right through to Content Writing, covering all aspects of Social Selling through LinkedIn.

This is suitable for job seekers right through to CEOs, regardless of company size.


On the program you will receive:

Daily Tasks, via email and your own personal doddle dashboard.

Doddle task management worth £15 per month
(software for managing the program and for you to use to manage your daily tasks)

Training videos on all main points we need to cover for LISuccess

Help [Crib] Sheets, Guides and Strategy Guidelines.

Access to a monthly Zoom sessions with Chris Williams

Continued support by Chris and the rest of the #LISuccess community


You don't need to have LinkedIn premium for success either.


We have priced LISUCCESS:daily to be less than a premium subscription of LinkedIn and given you the option to pay monthly or in one go (paying annually gives you two free months)

LISUCCESS:daily - £39.99+vat (per month)


Take a look at some of the comments from people that have taken part in LISuccess:


"I have been using Chris to help me to develop a more effective presence on LinkedIn and for it to be part of my marketing strategy. Chris's understanding and approach to LinkedIn is quite remarkable and extremely effective. His approach is easy to understand and he is always there to provide advice and support. If you are looking to develop your activity on LinkedIn I would highly recommend that you speak with Chris" - Neil Grime, Cost Reduction Consultant


"Chris came to my attention on LinkedIn, with his insightful posts and comments. I had a little interaction with him, working on my profile and headlines which started to increase my profile views and when he invited me to join the inaugural #LISuccess group, I jumped at the chance as I knew how much I would learn.
He's a very patient teacher, willing to explain the reasons why he suggests things. His reasoning always makes sense and he's never standing still - always learning himself and then passing on this new found wisdom.
By following his teachings, I now get business requests, a better quality of connection request and far more people viewing my profile.
If you are thinking of joining one of his classes or get the chance to work with him "live", then do it - you won't regret it!" - Richard Poole, Independent IT provider


"I have been part of Chris's LISuccess program over the past few weeks.
Chris delivers simple, succinct and effective LinkedIn training that really helps get results by building relationships through writing engaging content and understanding the algorithms and the way that LinkedIn works in the background.
My post views have increased from approx 1,000 per post to over 30,000! I have connected with more amazing people worldwide and incoming enquiries and business opportunities have soared.
I have learned new skills, made new friends and been part of a truly inspiring group with a fabulous leader in Chris, always there to offer practical support, guidance and a friendly ear.
Highly recommend the LinkedIn success program if you are keen to grow your network, relationships and business." - Jennifer Brown, Executive Career Coach


"Chris has been instrumental in helping me grow my LinkedIn network to a level I never thought I could achieve. His advice is specific and direct and when you follow it, you see results. I have always excelled at building a strong network and thought I knew how to use those skills to expand my network on LinkedIn, but Chris taught me the easy-to-follow methods that really made it work. 
If you feel that you are not hitting the mark when it comes to where you want your LinkedIn network to be, then you need to talk with Chris. He will help you reach your goals!" - Paul Carney, Author & Entrepreneur 


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